1937-49: Work with the God-Intoxicated

In the late 1930s and throughout the 1940s Meher Baba’s work took a new turn, focusing increasingly on his personally contacting and serving persons whom he called “masts.” Masts are advanced souls on the inner planes of the spiritual path who have become spiritually intoxicated from direct awareness of God. While to outward appearances masts often seem to be mad, in actuality they are vast reservoirs of spiritual light and as such were useful to Meher Baba in his spiritual mission. Throughout the length and breadth of the Indian subcontinent, from small hamlets to large cities, by train or bullock cart or even on foot, Meher Baba traveled in search of these individuals, whom he would feed, bathe, and sit with in seclusion. Another aspect of his work at this time and, indeed, throughout his life involved bathing lepers, washing the feet of the poor, bowing down to these unfortunate ones, and giving them grain, cloth, and money. Again, Meher Baba gave to understand that these actions when performed by the God-Man had an impact not only on those directly concerned but on all humanity.

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