Guiding Principles

Avatar Meher Baba Center of Chicago (AMBCC) – Statement of Guiding Principles

­­All activities of the Avatar Meher Baba Center of Chicago have as their basic foundation an adherence to the principles and spirit of Meher Baba’s teachings and example of love and service, and recognition of the essential unity of all things.  Therefore, based on those principles and spirit, and upon the provisions of our Mission Statement as expressed in our Articles of Incorporation, the Avatar Meher Baba Center of Chicago has two ends:

(1) To establish and maintain a physical center in Chicago where meetings and activities will be held in Avatar Meher Baba’s Name. The Center will:

  • Provide facilities, amenities, and conditions conducive to an open, welcoming, and lovingly thoughtful atmosphere dedicated to Meher Baba;
  • Provide appropriate programs to celebrate and share Meher Baba’s Message of Love and Truth to the Baba family, guests, and youth;
  • Ensure the preservation, maintenance and proper use of any assets that have been lovingly donated to the Center.

(2) To provide opportunities for active service in His Name to all members of the Baba community in the care of the center and administering its programs.

(3) To implement or support programs that provide assistance to others, with particular attention to the basic necessities of their material and spiritual welfare.

To achieve this end we have developed the following Guiding Principles to shape our interaction with each other and the public*:

  1. All meeting and activities are held and conducted as “befitting the Avatar”.
  2. We are all one, and all division, conflict and enmity are but shadow-plays of our own ignorance.  With the understanding that Baba is in everyone, we strive to help and serve others.
  3. We do not shirk our responsibilities.  Obstacles, success or failure, are all illusory.  Our task is already done when it is performed wholeheartedly.  Baba alone does the Work; He allows us to work for Him so we can use our talents and capabilities selflessly, in order to draw closer to Him.
  4. When coming together, we will do our utmost to place Meher Baba’s Work, and the welfare of the Community above personalities. We will openly discuss differing ideas and opinions, and come to a community resolution.
  5. We will make room and welcome all people who are interested in Meher Baba, and His teachings.
  6. Meher Baba alone is the Leader; we are all equal in His Presence. All Center Board Members, Officers, and volunteers are trusted servants­­ – they do not govern.
  7. We will respect each other’s love for Meher Baba, however it is expressed.
  8. We will support and uphold one another in a loving way, and stay out of each other’s personal affairs. In Baba’s words:  “Don’t interfere in the family affairs of others. Be helpful but don’t meddle.”

In the Avatar’s words:  “Unless there is a brotherly feeling in your hearts, all the words that you speak and print in my name are hallow; all the miles that you travel in my cause are zero; all organizations for my work are but an appearance of activity; all buildings to contain me are empty places and all statues that you make to embody me are of someone else.”

* The wording of our Guiding Principles was inspired by quotes and excerpts from Meher Baba, Eruch Jessawalla, Meher Spiritual Center, and the Heartland Center guidelines and principles.

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