Development Letter

Avatar Meher Baba Center of Chicago Development Project

December 1st, 2010


Dear Meher Baba Family and Friends,

We are happy to inform you of the new developments in Chicago regarding the start of a new physical center, where we can all gather together once again in meetings and programs, and the sharing of our love and focus on Beloved Baba.

Project Background: As many of you may be aware, our physical center on Hubbard Street closed about three years ago, and since then the Community in Chicago has continued to hold Discourse and other special occasion meetings in various homes, with the hopes of one day re-opening a physical Meher Baba Center in the Chicago Metropolitan area, which has had a center for over 30 years in various locations.

Recently, after continued guidance and encouragement from Bhau Kalchuri, we have begun efforts in this direction. A new location for the physical center has been identified, and twenty Chicago Baba lovers gathered together there on September 25, 2010, to begin the discussions and planning for the new Center. Subsequent planning meetings have been held every 2 weeks to continue the mission. Our projected open date is mid December, 2010.

Communication & Contact: For those of you interested in our Center Development activities and updates, please send an email to, or write to the mailing address below, and we will gladly add you to our new Center email and/or mailing list. We look forward to continuing the momentum that Baba has started here, and we want to keep you informed of our progress and vision.

Note – We are communicating primarily via e-mail.  Please let us know if you would prefer updates via postal service.  We want to stay connected with you!

Gifts, Donations & Monthly Pledges: to date we have raised $600 per month in pledges toward the $1,100  monthly operating expenses and $6,675 toward the start up costs. If Baba wishes to express through your hearts in support of the new Avatar Meher Baba Center of Chicago Development initiative, please do not hesitate to contact us at, or fill out and return the Pledge/Donation Form below.  Donations for the physical center are currently non tax-deductable.  Our goal is to establish the Federal 501(c) (3) tax exempt status in early 2011. Updates to follow.

We look forward to your help and support in this wonderful new project, and pray to Baba to help us create once again a warm and beautiful place of gathering for his current and future lovers in Chicago.

Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

In His Love and Service,

The Chicago Center Development Team,

Denise Ackerman, Fereshteh Azad, Dhyana Joy Carlson, Sherry Kalinowski, Lisa Nelson-Raabe, Michelle Shafer, Bob Fredericks, Jim Knutson, Roberta Lewis, Jordan Lome, Christian Mendenhall, Marvin Shafer, and the growing family of our supporters worldwide.

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