April 2012 – AMBCC News & Updates

April 18, 2012

Dear Members & Friends of Avatar Meher Baba Center of Chicago,

AMBCC MOVES TO A NEW LOCATION – In January, 2012, we were informed by our landlady, that due to overall financial difficulties with her buildings, she had to make the difficult decision to rent our space out to another party for a 50% increase in rent…  This announcement, though unexpected, started us on a flurry of activity to search and find another suitable location to rent. After a long search and a few failed attempts, we finally found a nice space in an office building suite in the beautiful suburb of Oak Park, close to the city as well as more centrally located for our members in the greater Chicagoland area and suburbs.

A special thank you to Denise, Jonathan, Marvin, Jim, Admir, Christian, Dhyana, Atul, and Ritu for all your help in making the move into our new home a smooth and speedy transition.

And we also thank you Sherry for providing your commercial space to AMBCC at a reduced rent… we appreciate everything you have done to facilitate our start up, and everything you have generously shared with us. We invite you to feel welcome as a member of our Baba family at our new place in Oak Park. Jai Baba!

YARD SALE – As part of the move to the new location, and in order to travel more lightly, we had a final blow out yard sale last weekend.  Thank you all who donated so generously to make this and previous yard sales a success! Thank you Denise, Michelle, Marvin, John, Jim, Admir, Atul, Ritu, Dhyana, and our newest visitor, Julian for all the help with the yard sale… Since we do not have basement storage space availability in the new location, we are out of the yard sale fundraising ability for some time… The remaining items were donated to various charities and libraries in Chicago & Lisle. Thank you Baba for all the sanskaras that went with our donations of worldly goods…!

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS – We will resume our regular meetings at our new location starting April 24th with our bi-weekly Discourse meetings. A new (partial) quarterly schedule of events has been posted on our web site www.ambcc.net – please check it often as updates are being posted as plans are finalized…

***Special Note – We are inviting all our members to participate in our Baba Center programming… If you would like to host or suggest a special Baba meeting, guest, or event, please call or email the Program Chairman Michelle Shafer, or one of the other committee members, Fereshteh, Jonathan, or Denise.

Meherwan Merchant Visits Chicago – Please save the dates, May  21-28th. A detailed schedule of activities for that week will be forthcoming soon.

CALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND DONATIONS – We are most grateful to Baba for a renewed opportunity to continue with our activities at our new location… we had a great year and a half on Milwaukee Ave, with our regular meetings, an amazing Sahavas, two wonderful music programs, many visitors and guests, and other wonderful meetings in celebration and sharing of Baba’s message of love and truth…and we are looking forward to many more such events and meetings in Oak Park…

This is a great time and opportunity to renew your pledge and commitment to our Center, and to help us replenish our funds to meet the ongoing expenses, and to continue to provide a space for future Baba events… Your monthly, quarterly, or one-time donations can be made to:

AMBCC – c/o F. Azad, 6710 Breckenridge Rd., Lisle, IL 60532 – or visit us online at www.ambcc.net and use Paypal or credit card to make your donation.

NOTE ON 501C3 FILING AND APPROVAL – We are still waiting for our Federal 501(C)3 tax exempt status approval… which should be forthcoming any time now. We filed in Dec, and they said it would be 3 to 4 months after our filing… We were then informed in January that the fee had increased to $800, and we submitted the difference at that time… that could put our approval into May. If you have any questions regarding this point, please feel free to contact our diligent Secretary & Treasurer, Jim Knutson.

In His Constant Care,
Fereshteh Azad