1920S: Meher Baba’s Silence

By 1921 Merwan was recognized as a Perfect Master and started to gather his first disciples. After several years of their intensive training, he established Meherabad, an ashram community near Ahmednagar (120 kilometers northeast of Poona). Here his work embraced a free school where spirituality was stressed and a free dispensary and hospital with shelter and food for the poor. On 10 July 1925, Meher Baba began observing silence, which he maintained for a period of nearly forty-four years. His silence was not undertaken as a spiritual exercise, since he was Perfection itself. Rather, it was a limitation that he assumed for the benefit of all creation. For many years, he “spoke” to others by pointing to letters on an alphabet board which a disciple would read out. In 1954, however, he gave up the alphabet board, communicating thereafter through his own system of hand gestures unique and beautiful in their expressiveness.

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