1931-37: Travels to the West

The six-year span from 1931 to 1937 was a period of world travel, during which Meher Baba visited Europe ten times, America thrice, and China and the Far East. While some of his visits drew press coverage and fanfare, his purpose in coming to the West, as he explained at the time, was “not with the object of establishing new creeds or spiritual societies and organizations” but rather “to make people understand religion in the true sense.” This, he continued, entailed “developing that attitude of mind which should ultimately result in seeing One Infinite Existence prevailing throughout the universe,” in attending to worldly responsibilities while remaining detached from results, in seeing “the same Divinity in art and science,” and in experiencing “the highest Consciousness and Indivisible Bliss in everyday life.” A core group of close Western disciples was attracted to him at this time; and the integration of Eastern and Western perspectives in the light of a transcendent spiritual Truth has remained an enduring characteristic and appeal of his message.

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